Erin DeFrain

The Artist Behind ReSouled Design

My Studio is Where I…

... Come Alive

The ReSouled Design Studio is where my passion comes alive as I get lost in time; where 10 hours becomes a mere brush stroke in my day. It’s where my Art begins and lives forever.

... Get my hands wet!

Whether I am distressing an old vanity or dripping passion over an armoire as my next signature piece, the paint is always slingin’ with my hands wet from the acrylic breath that strokes life into each piece,

... Teach it forward

With classes available twice a month, I open the evening doors to my studio for newly inspired and seasoned artists to learn everything from the fundamentals to the latest techniques for reclaiming and repurposing your own vintage furniture pieces.

My Passion and Drive

“I am obsessed with old furniture and old houses. Repurposing, restoring, and seeing potential in them is my GIFT. Giving them a new life or new ‘soul’ is my PASSION!”
— Erin DeFrain
Owner, ReSouled Design

I think my gift is seeing potential where other people can’t. I’m a problem solver, always analyzing and trying to think of ways to fix things or make them better. I’m addicted to improvement and it sets my soul on fire; not just with furniture but with myself.

I’ve never liked the word no. Telling me I can’t do something just ads fuel to my fire. If I don’t know how to do something, I either find someone who does or I teach myself through trial and error or books.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in this era as I’ve always preferred old to modern. It was a time with no electric tools and everything was built by people and craftsman. Furniture and home building were functional, but quite often were beautiful art with so much detail and quality going into everything. Unfortunately, that art is being lost, but I live to breathe life and soul into these pieces.


Up Close and Personal

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been compelled to rescue and revive neglected buildings, furniture, and art. Driving past dilapidated structures as a child, I’d tell my grandparents, “One day I’m going to buy that building and fix it up!” They laughed, but those early dreams set the path for a lifetime!

After high school, I began pursuing a career in interior design and historic preservation. Those plans changed with the arrival of my daughter when my major became criminal justice. It seemed to be the “right” decision considering job security and benefits but it misaligned with my dream.

Then, one day I had an epiphany while doing my internship in probate court for my degree. I thought to myself, “Life is short! I am creative and tenacious.” Sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life would have been unsustainable.

So, I decided to get back on-track with my passion. Almost three years ago I started ReSouled Furniture and Design Studio. Since then, I’ve collected, refinished, and sold pieces of my work online and at flea markets, among other places. I’ve decorated homes and businesses as well as unique one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for clients.

What Others Have to Say

Erin is an amazing artist. I bought my first piece of RESOULED furniture 4 years ago and haven’t stopped yet. I have found “that perfect piece” for nearly every room in my house. When I haven’t been able to find what I was looking for, I explained my vision to Erin and she has nailed it…over and over! I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

– Ressie Stranaly