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What is… “ReSouled” Design?

[rē’sōld] verb: ¹The art of breathing new life into something using imagination, creativity, and love.

Erin's Studio

The ReSouled Design Studio is home to Erin’s passion, craft, and student artists. It’s where she comes alive and…

Erin's Passions

Vintage furniture exists for more than character-rich functional purposes. Each piece has a story. Erin’s passion is…

Erin's Story

Erin has always had an affinity for vintage “things” – things that others thought little of were things she…

Meet Erin DeFrain

At her core, Erin is Passion that manifests as a mother to her treasured daughter and as a storyteller painting the expressive tales of joy and distress, secrets and memories.

Every one is a furnished tale of a storied life that was written with every opened drawer, closed door, and marred surface from years and decades of use.

Furniture is Erin’s Canvas

Some artist’s canvas is a… canvas! Others prefer things like a large wall, china plates, or ceramic figurines. Erin’s canvas of choice is vintage furniture!

In an industry where many talented furniture artists churn out vintage looking pieces that create the shabby chic decor that can be used to create or complement everything from country to eclectic motifs, Erin’s talents go next-level by creating focal and signature pieces that tell stories and strike conversations.

The ReSouled Studio

The ReSouled Design Studio is where Erin breathes life into her furnitured works of art and is where they are displayed for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Many of Erin’s works of art are available for purchase at The Studio along with other reclaimed and repurposed furniture pieces that scratch the shabby-chic decor itch.

“Works of Art” | Examples of What Erin Can Do for You

They aren’t just repurposed or restored… they are ReSouled works of art!

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